Stars, Lanterns and Flower Decorations

It was a sunny and crisp day today.
The small shops in my hometown Porvoo are getting ready for Christmas.
Soft candle light from lanterns and wintry flower arrangements
spreads warmth and beauty into their surroundings.

Tänään oli kuulas ja kirkas päivä.
Porvoon vanhan kaupungin liikkeet valmistautuvat jouluun.
Lyhtyjen pehmeä valo ja talviset kukkaistutukset säteilevät
ihastuttavaa tunnelmaa ympäristöönsä.


  1. The star at the first pic looks great!

  2. Thanks for your comment anlomar! Yes, paperstars are nice, and somehow I also like the romantic and classic
    flower decorations and such in these settings when they are surrounded by real, old building. I am not good at that style myself, but its nice to look at for a change (to all modern stuff) :)

  3. Lovely to see the shops change slowly in the Christmas spirit! Great pics!

    Love Lisanne

  4. Hi Lisanne, thanks! Yes, it is hard not to fall into the Christmas spirit and mood, when surrounded by this. It is great though, and comforting with traditions :)


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